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Original Technical Papers and Primary Sources

Anonymous (1921): Tinting Film Plays with Nature’s Colors Is No Easy Matter, Inventor of Colorcraft Pictures Explains His Work. In: Motion Picture News, May-June 1921, June 18, 1921, p. 3717, (link to download on Project Lantern).

Anonymous (1921): Moving Picture Age, Vol. 4, Jan-Dec 1921, July, 1921, p. 18. View Quote

Advertisement in Motion Picture News, Sept-Oct 1921 (link to download on Project Lantern).

Advertisements in Film Daily Year Book, 1930 (link to download on Project Lantern) and (second link to colored ad on Project Lanternand ).

Society of Motion Picture Engineers (1930): Report. Progress in the Motion Picture Industry. In: Journal of the Society of Motion Picture Engineers, 15,1, 1930, pp. 106-109, on p. 108. View Quote

Secondary Sources

Anonymous (1930): Colorcraft Now Ready. Greatest Laboratory in the World Opened. Special to the The Bioscope. In: The Bioscope, 1240,LXXXIV, Jul., p. iii. View Quote

Anonymous (1930): Colorcraft Starting. In: The Bioscope, 1231,LXXXIII, May, p. ii. View Quote

Anonymous (1930): Coming of Colorcraft. Big Plans for Launching New Process. In: The Bioscope, 1218,LXXXII, Feb., p. v. View Quote

Eggert, John (1932): Kurzer Überblick über den Stand der Farbenkinematographie. In: Bericht über den VIII. Internationalen Kongress für wissenschaftliche und angewandte Photographie, Dresden 1931. Leipzig: J. A. Barth, pp. 214–221, on pp. 215–218. (in German) View Quote

Nowotny, Robert A. (1983): The Way of All Flesh Tones. A History of Color Motion Picture Processes, 1895-1929. New York: Garland Pub., p. 268. View Quote

Contemporary Reception

Anonymous (1921): Novelty Color-Work in Johnny Hines Films. In: Motion Picture, Vol. 24, Sept-Oct 1921, October 1, 1921, p. 1769. View Quote