“An American two-colour subtractive process still worked by the Consolidated Film Industries division of Republic Pictures Corporation. This concern was licensed by the owners of the “Prizma” patents, which it will be remembered was the name under which the patents of William van Doren Kelley were commercialized. Herbert J. Yates now operates the “Trucolor” process, which will presumably supplant Magnacolor.

Camera. — Normal bipack is used in a standard camera equipped with special gate and magazines according to usual bipack practice.

Printing. — Double-coated positive film is used. One side of the film is toned blue by an iron solution, and the opposite side is toned red-orange by mordanting with an iodide and dye-toned by the familiar technique of flotation. Under the Mason patent each side is treated, without danger of the solutions toning more than one side at a time, by floating the film on the surface of the solutions.”

(Cornwell-Clyne, Adrian (1951): Colour Cinematography. London: Chapman & Hall, p. 337.)

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