“R. Berthon patented the use of a lens diaphragm with three apertures, covered respectively with red, green and blue-violet filters, and a sensitive surface on a support, the other side of which was impressed with hemi-spherical, transparent, refractive protuberances, which acted like microscopic lenses. There would thus be formed on the sensitive surface images of the three-field diaphragm. Or the colored filters of the diaphragm might be apportioned into a series of microscopical parallel transparent portions, then the lenticular forms might take the shape of semi-cylindrical ridges. The opaque striations of the diaphragm must be inversely proportional to the lengths of the fundamental wave of each colored filter; thus their number must be such that their linear projection on the sensitive film gives at least sixteen lines per millimeter in the red, nineteen in the yellow-green and twenty in the blue-violet. A positive might be made from the negative thus obtained, or the latter might be reversed and the positive viewed through the lens, an image in colors would then be seen or it might be projected.”

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