Mroz Farbenfilm

Original Technical Papers and Primary Sources

Anonymous (1931): Der Farbenfilm im Laufe. Eine österreichische Erfindung. In: Kleine Volkszeitung, N0. 305, 5th of November 1931, pp. 14. (in German)  View Quote

Secondary Sources

Alt, Dirk (2011): “Der Farbfilm marschiert!” Frühe Farbfilmverfahren und NS-Propaganda 1933-1945. München: Belleville, on p. 385. (in German) View Quote

Böhm, Hans (1928): Die Mroz-Farbenkamera. In: Die Kinotechnik, 10,6, Mar., pp. 163–164. (in German) View Quote


Absorbances measured with a double-beam spectrophotometer from film areas with pure dyes. Credit: Giorgio Trumpy, ERC Advanced Grant FilmColors. The measurement proves that the Mroz Farbenfilm used the same dyes as the Biocolour process.