Three matrices in the subtractive primary colors are printed on the gelatin of the final print. Supposedly, the used dyes were particularly fast and able to prevent color bleeding. Pokorny started working on color cinematography in the 1920s, often in collaboration with Leonhard Ross and Dr. Ing. Friedrich Lierg. They filed several patents in Austria (AT 105594B, AT 101553B, AT106236B, AT 103392B), however, by the beginning of the 1930s, Karl Pokorny was working with Gschöpf.

Original Technical Papers and Primary Sources

Schrott, P. (1934): Der ‘Irix’-Farbenfilm. In: Die Kinotechnik, 16,13, Jul., pp. 215–216. (in German) View Quote


BE 403 625; US 2081 481