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Original Technical Papers and Primary Sources

Anonymous (1964): Agfa and Gevaert Merge. In: The British Journal of Photography, 111, 21. February 1964, p. 148. View Quote

Anonymous (1964): Agfa-Gevaert. In: The British Journal of Photography, 111, 13. March 1964, p. 193. View Quote

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Secondary Sources

Wiesner, Norbert (1967): 25. Große Deutsche Funkausstellung Berlin. In: Filmtechnikum, 18,9, pp. 242–245, on pp. 242–244. (in German) View Quote

Z (1967): Die Bearbeitung von Sendekopien in Farbe. In: Filmtechnikum, 18,7, pp. 190–191. (in German) View Quote

Contemporary Reception

Florstedt, J. (1973): Recent Developments in International Colour Cinematography. In: The British Journal of Photography, pp. 340–348, on p. 340. View Quote

Selected Analyses

Trois couleurs: Bleu (FRA / POL / CHE 1993, Krzysztof Kieślowski):
Hill, Lee (2007): Three Colours Blue. In: Senses of Cinema, 42, p. 3. View Quote
Full text on the Senses of Cinema website. View Link

Wilson, Emma (1998): Three colors blue. Kieślowski, colour and the postmodern subject. In: Screen, 39,4, pp. 349–362, on pp. 349–350 View Quote, on pp. 353–355 View Quote and on pp. 361–362. View Quote